Tuesday, March 23, 2010

macam mana nk dpt ank kembar

Non Controllable Factors

1. Heredity - Many couples that have a history of twins in their family tree see a higher ratio of conceiving twins. The most common explanation for this is a condition called hyperovulation. This is passed on genetically and causes a woman to release more than one egg while ovulating. The gene can be carried by men but only affects women. A woman that had the gene passed onto her from her father will have a greater chance of getting pregnant with dizygotic or fraternal twins.

2. Second Set Twins - Studies show that couples that have previously had twins have a much greater ratio of having twins again. If you already have had twins, be mindful that more may be on the way.

3. Get Pregnant While Breastfeeding or On the Pill - These factors are considered to be uncontrollable because deciding when to get pregnant is easier said than done. A higher ratio of twins are seen from mothers that conceive while still breastfeeding. Research shows that women who have not taken the pill regularly often get pregnant with twins. This is often due to fluctuations in hormone levels that can lead to hyperovulation.

Controllable Factors

4. Gain Weight - It has been noted that a rise in multiple births can be directly correlated to the rise in weight gain seen in the United States. An individual with a BMI (body mass index) of 30 or higher is the most likely to get pregnant with twins. While this may help a person to conceive twins, massive weight gain is unhealthy and may lead to a rise in other factors that inhibit conception.

5. Wait - The older a woman is when she gets pregnant has an enormous affect on her ability to have twins. Women over 45 have a 17% chance of having twins and that percentage grows exponentially with women over 50. The body kicks into so called "overdrive" just prior to menopause which often leads to hyperovulation. It should be noted that older women often have more complications with pregnancy and birth.

6. Eat Your Yams and Drink Milk - The cassava is a type of sweet potato or yam that contains a chemical that induces hyperovulation. More twins are seen in a tribe in West Africa than anywhere else in the world. The reason: cassava is the main part of their diet. Dairy products have the same affect and a woman that regularly consumes dairy will increase her chances of having twins by five times.

7. Get Help - It can't be denied that medical assistance is a great way to go for getting pregnant with twins. Ovulation stimulation often results in multiple births. In vitro fertilization is used regularly to produce multiple births. A couple that really wants twins may want to consider one of these routes to help their chances of guaranteeing twins.

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