Thursday, May 6, 2010

Live Telecast of Thomas&Uber Cup

panjang ni tajuk aku..saja nk menarik perhatian..sebabnya?
aku nak masuk contest..dpt tgk piala thomas..
korg baca ya karangan aku yg panjang nya 100 patah perkataan ni

ok, dgn lafaz bismillahirahmannirahim..aku mulakan

It is a live action in a history making competition..
our own nation..gather to watch one of the spectacular event in the world
full of drama, thrilling and heart beating action..

Malaysia will be the host for the sensational Men’s Team World Badminton Championship for the Thomas Cup from 9 - 16 May 2010.

Million eyes will be focusing on one shuttlecock.
Either it is Malaysia, Indonesia or defending champion (China) winning the
silver-gilt trophy..
Everyone will be proud with Sir George Thomas because he donated the trophy.

If you are unlucky not to experience yourself with gazillions of supporters at the stadium..
DO NOT BE GUILTY for yourself..
you should do like what i did..
I joined a competition that gives away 50 FREE passes to watch Thomas Cup 2010 LIVE Online.
Thomas Cup 2010 badminton being live on for video streaming and on for live commentary..
Simple is it? Just seat back, relax and enjoy your favourite games online..

once again..

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see u there amigoe..

sekian terima kasih..sape2 nk join, try la bukak link ni k


ARC™ said...

mak aii besau na gamba spongebon

sevunation said...

aku ingt, aku da menang peraduan td..

aduh, da 2 org tegur spongenbob tu besar sgt..

aku akn segera mencari penyelesaian utk mengecil atau menukar gamba lain